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Check Out the Hottest Handmade Jewelry: Buy Heartwarming & Trendy Gifts for the Holidays

     The holidays are just around the corner and the frenzy of getting the perfect gifts for all our loved ones is at its peak, isn’t it? Each year, we want our Christmas presents to be more outstanding than the last year, and of course, we don’t want to miss anyone. Pretty Little Beads, decided to help you out with your Christmas shopping by offering our new collection of men's accessories and continual additions to our handcrafted collection.

Allow us to present our Holiday specials including some exquisite handmade pieces of jewelry that will make amazing trendy gifts as well as a 15% off coupon with your purchase of $25 or more to make it a little easier on your wallet.

Chunky Pendants

These are by far the most trending gifts this Holiday season and our collection offers some truly iconic pieces that will garner immense appreciation. The inspiration for these chunky pendants comes from various elements such as religion, traditions, customs, literature, culture and more. The men’s pendants like the Hematite Asian Inscribed Necklace or the Serenity Prayer Necklace make truly unique and trendy gifts.

Our pendants offer a break from the traditional men’s holiday presents. This year, delight the men in your life with the exclusive range of our handcrafted pendants. The stylish men’s Silver Etched Cross Necklace or go for vintage cuff links or a beautiful tie bar will certainly stock up the charm!

Exquisite Stones

Our handmade pieces are crafted with exquisite gemstones and make elegant and unique gifts. We craft these stone and marble pieces with immense love and they hold cultural and traditional significance. You simply can’t help but marvel at the bohemian glamour of handmade earrings like the Great Wall Inspired Earrings, the Green with Envy Pendant Necklace, the Ebony and Gold Earrings or the Tao Earrings.

Vintage Lovin’

Vintage jewelry is the ultimate gift and perfect for the warmth and love of the season. Our elegant vintage jewelry pieces are utterly delightful. Taking inspiration from classic trends, the retro 20s, and iconic literature epics, they strike such dazzling chords of bohemian grace and tribal glamour. Our vintage items will make amazing gifts for your loved ones. You can opt for a stylish gift from our diverse collection of brooches, necklaces, pins, earrings, rings, and studs. Our personal favorites is the Vintage Golden Lace Brooch, Vintage Falling Leaf Brooch, Rosebud Vintage Pin, and the Vintage Jelly Belly Duck Brooch.

A Bit of Sparkle!

The Holidays are all about the sparkle of festivities, laughter and love so it is only befitting that the gifts you place below the tree are also loaded with sparkle. Therefore, we cater to all of your festive needs. Take a look at our Gift Wrapping page dedicated to just wrapping your purchases with care and beauty. Be assured that you will be proud to place your loving gift under the tree this year. Add little handmade jewelry items to your basket such as bookmarks, key rings and we can incorporate these small items onto the top of your embellished Gifts to add a unique sparkle in your gift box. Don’t forget to check out Sparkling Night Butterfly Brooch, A Little Bling Key Chain, and Angel Earrings.