The Magic of the Firefly

OK . . . now that summer and autumn got the best of me and it’s winding down very quickly, I admit, I've been blog and newsletter delinquent. How can you not be?  

At night, throughout the summer, I’m usually in my cottage working, so I go out to wait for the nightly firefly show. Usually parents are getting kids rounded up but by then they’ve made their grand entrance. The kids stop to watch the magic surrounding them. I’m sure some parents stop as well.

Fireflies get to do this all summer long.  

You might of had a rotten day but you can’t help but smile as one shimmy’s in front of you or as your children run out their last bit of energy chasing them. 

Of course, at one point in time you had to have that jar with the holes punched in the lid for air and out you marched ready to aim that glass and lid at the first one of the night. How hard could this possibly be? Actually, it's a little harder than it looks.       


How lucky those fireflies are to garner all that attention just for lighting up during sweet summer nights.

Have you ever really thought of it?  Of course not! 

We work long hours and we work hard. Sometimes we even put our sweat and tears into a project. (It gets pretty hot in that cottage).

Maybe it’s fate, karma or meant to be from the stars above but certain people suddenly creates what everyone likes and wants or their blogs get noticed or both.   

I read about these successful people on jewelry sites, in blogs and from buyers. 

I read articles word for word trying to figure out what it is. I turn the light off for the night and forget about it.

The next day I go back to my cottage and take a gander at my latest order of beads and wire and I start to get excited for the day or night ahead. I have tea with Chip and Joanna Gaines from the Fixer Upper or those cute Property Brothers to keep me company. 


So what does this have to do with making jewelry?  Everything and maybe nothing.     



To me, it’s what keeps me looking for inspiration and compels me to keep working to improve my skills. Or maybe someone compliments my jewelry and maybe even makes a purchase. 

Most likely I will never figure out what it is that makes one blogger so successful while another only has a few readers.    

I will continue to try and find my niche, literally and metaphorically until I’ve run completely out of energy.

It’s all worth it when a customer, if just a passerby, looks at my work and tells me how beautiful it is and  asks, "did I make it?"  

My sister used to bypass the comment altogether by letting everyone,and I mean everyone, know that all the pieces  was handmade by her sister. 

I wish more than anything I could hear that again but I can’t, so I do my best in spite of her absence.  

.                                   .                                        


For now, take a little look around you. Do whatever makes you happy in the sun because it’s October, almost November and cold drafty winds are around the corner.  Try to squeeze as much summer out of these autumn days as possible.

More importantly,   remember the firefly. Garner the attention you deserve. Do what comes naturally, makes you happy and be a magical firefly. 


                                        Make your own firefly display as a winter reminder

 You can find these fairy lights at any retail store or online. carrries many types and they are reasonably priced. As for the container, they sell those as well or just use what you have like the examples .     .