The Beauty of DIY projects



Well. How time gets away from us when our own world rumbles and shakes us up a bit. I’m sure everyone can relate to this experience and if not, then you are one lucky gal!  We tend to neglect the little things we enjoy doing on a regular basis. After looking at the at the last entry date, I have to say I’m guilty and I apologize.



However, let’s take a grand look into the spring and summer seasons!


I’ve been pursuing various DIY websites and I have found some cool, easy and inexpensive ways to create items yourself.

I’m going to list two or three that I think are taking a look at.

So jewelry move on over for a minute.  

The website below provides an array of gifts to purchase for your Mom, Grandma, Aunt or anyone you can count on to be there for you.

Put down everything. I just found a perfect and unique website go to YouTube then follow the address below



This bright British lady Sam makes the cutest and quickest little decorative boxes and related items you’ve seen.  There isn’t that awful music and she makes the content fun. Matter of fact I plan on making a few for my Mother’s gifts.





No need to run out to the card shop. Go to the for 15 free printable cards.

Enjoy your time spent at the websites (not too much fun) and please provide any feedback through our site review or send an email at