Spikes of Ebony Set

  • This exclusive Spikes of Ebony Set mysteriously captures the past and intertwines it with the present all with smooth transition.
  • These handcrafted jewels are strung with the highest quality stretch material. Therefore both pieces can be worn effortlessly. 
  • The bracelet encircles the wrist and illuminates the necklace with coordinating gems that will create the perfect accent.
  • The bracelet as well as the necklace are finished with an elegant pearl cluster.


  • The necklace is dripping with stunning ivory pearls and intermingled with shiny ebony beads.
  • Shimmery peach oval wonders cast a glow that illuminates this sleek stunner.
  • The showcase that swings at the end lures you with seven charcoal chip dangles that are unified with the silver base.  
  • This particular vintage piece makes the perfect statement thus creating a flawless and timeless look.


  • These pieces are truly one of a kind. The necklace and bracelet set can be purchased at Pretty Little Beads with only one available.  Place it in your cart now.





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