Purple Swing Hoop Earrings

  • The moderate sized gold hoops form the ideal backdrop for these earrings. 
  • Each one holds two circular bead with colors such as periwinkle, lavender and violet to name a few.
  • Each bead is embellished with a unique flower scene
  • A Swarovski lavender transparent heart is snuggled within the circular beads.
  • In addition to being delightful dreamboats these hoops are extremely versatile.   
  • Wear the hoops alone, or with Swarovski hearts or take one bead off and so on.
  • We carry the large oval beads that are exclusive to Pretty Little Beads. 
  • They are reasonable in priced so you have an army of choices from wood to ceramic.
  • Visit this link to view some of the beads. http://www.prettylittlebeads.com/Pretty Little Solo Beads

(Please note: these beads are not related to Pandora,Troll Beads or any similar brand). 

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