Lovely Ladies Lapel Pins

  • These little lapel pins are perfect for days when you just want a hint of color. 
  • They don’t necessarily have to go on a lapel!
  • They also work wonders on a scarf to keep the sides hooked together,hook one on your coat or even use it jazz up the front of your tote bag. If you want to have them stand out a bit then you need to definitely purchase more than one.
  • This tactic of grouping makes them pop with a little more color.
  • The color choices are listed to the right. 
  • There are three patterned ones and three plain turquoise. 
  • They’re also a nice gesture toward your colleague or a friend. Sit one on one or even two on their desk in the morning! 
  • They surely brighten up a day.
  • They would also serve as tie tacks as well. 


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