Golden Winged Butterfly Brooch

  • The delicate butterfly is an intricate gold overlay brooch.
  • The details and shapely outline of this butterfly creates a symbol of sheer elegance.
  • The focal point of the brooch are the center gems that gives it a sense of natural glamour.
  • When you wear this particularly bright and cheery brooch, many heads will turn in envy. 
  • The details within the butterfly would look especially sharp, classy and vivid on a black,navy or even bright magenta. 
  • If you want to tone it down,  wear it with one of the Pretty Little Beads silk scarves! You can find one right in this section and we have so more coming your way. 
  • The butterfly allows us to dream of something beautiful fluttering our way. 
  • Length: 1.5 inches 
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