Golden Cat- Multicolored Bracelet — Set 1

  • Cats!  What can you say? They all possess that air of regal charm. They will give you attention when they're in llthe mood to do so. 
  • They all have unique personalities but they usually end up on you lap purring and wanting attention.
  • The Gold Cat Bracelet is for all the cat lovers or it makes the best gift for someone that can’t live without their furry part of the family.  
  • The bracelet is made with elastic and our Golden Cat Charm is simpld to clip on and off,
  • Just unclip, remove the lobster clasp and you have a simple beautiful bracelet.
  • The Golden Cat bracelet is made of high quality gold layers and the beads are glass, artisan, polymer and fire crackled beads. 
  • You need this bracelet as a starter. Now your ready to add more. 
  • Mix and match your favorites. Theyre are always new ones popping up. 
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