Eclectic Memory Wire Necklace

  • You will definitely remember this showstopper!
  • The Eclectic Memory Wire necklace is extraordinary with rare sparks of color along with countless combinations of bead sizes and shapes.
  • It's a mixture of boho chic and elegance that makes it fresh and modern.
  • Memory wire is a one size fits all. This particular necklace was made to encircle the neck once with a little extra for wire added for ease and comfort.
  • There are no clasps .necessary as the wire is turned in a under and the beads stay in place.  
  • Very easy to slip on and comfortable. It is especially perfect for those that have difficulty with small closures.
  • The Eclectic Memory Wire necklace makes for one interesting gift that will have all eyes admiring it's distinquished feminine beauty.
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