Echo Paisley Scarf

  • The ECHO signature is located in the corner of the scarf which measures 16X16 inches
  • The scarf is perfect for any season and can be worn with muted or color drenched outerwear.
  • It would also be very sophisticated folded and tied at the neck with the knot being placed to the side.  
  • It makes a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys owning a scarf from such a long standing company but most likely she will be thrilled with the intensity of the pattern, origin and your thoughtfulness.
  • It’s guaranteed to be a hit.We will box it, wrap it and tie it up with a bow.
  • You could also pick up a gift certificate and you keep the scarf! Who's going to know?!?


*Click on the website for more information on Echo products. Paisley Scarf

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