Bohemian Memory Bracelet I

  • The Pretty Little Beads exclusive The Bohemian Memory Wire I bracelet is teeming with a multitude of magical beads in all shapes, sizes and textures.
  • At first glance, purple vintage inspired beads shaped like wings catch the eye, the wood beads with leopard spots or the dazzling white pearls are just a few gems hidden among the spirals.
  • There are silver spacers splashed throughout the German silver wire.
  • Each end has been turned under and is adorned with a tiny pearl dangle.
  • Memory wire does just what it implies. You can stretch it as you don on the layers and it will return to its original shape day after day.
  • You’re sure to receive complements when you wear this multi faceted beauty.
  • The memory wire is not ordered by size. It shapes itself on every lucky recipient.


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