Aigner Patterned Scarf

  • This is indeed an authentic Etienne Aigner silk scarf. 
  • The insignia is located in the lower corner.  The scarf is 26’X26’ inches and is in excellent condition.
  • It can be used with many colors especially hues of Earth tones. 
  • The signature “A” covers the entire scarf with a smaller square made near the middle and a slight brown border.
  • Given the high quality and impeccable reputation of the Etienne company,  the insignia is sure to be authentic. 
  • You could layer it over a spring jacket or during winter tuck it inside the coat. Wear it with bright colors, it's beauty will pop .
  • In the summer use it as a head band. Just roll it, tuck it around your hair and tie at the bottom. Let the tail fly with the wind.
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