African Print Scarf

  • As the pictures reveal this Pretty Little Beads scarf is a burst of colors and patterns.
  • This one-of-a-kind scarf was found at an antique store and while it isn’t very aged, it couldn’t be passed up.
  • Its dissonance strays from the usual colors and patterns that we are accustomed to.   
  • The rust and hunter green stripes pop as does the yellow that is splashed throughout.
  • Amongst the colors are geometric shapes that reveal melon, black, lemon and hunter green emerges once again.
  • The scarf is long and near 15 inches across with a bit of fringe on the ends.
  • This beauty will make a smooth transition into your accessories and it can be worn with more than you imagine. 
  • It would make a perfect gift for the friend that loves to vary her outfits, however I think this scarf is a keeper.


Note: The scarf is used as a head wrap in Africa and has great historical meaning.                                           After purchasing this scarf at PLBeads, http://www.prettylittle /scarves                                     Google African Scarves and look for the Pinterest 1000 ways to make head wraps! 

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