“Adopt” A Furry Friend Today Key Chain

  • Our Adopt Key Chain is a Pretty Little Beads special exclusive.
  • The key chain is somewhat similar to our Fur Baby with the excetion of a few elements.
  • It contains silver Great Danes, Dachshunds or Dalmations.
  • These are all paired with silver charms such as dog bones, dog homesteads and a few blue coin shaped Scottie dogs. We can't forget the red and black dotted bones that add a little whimsy.  
  • All the charms are placed on 6 inch curb chain.A heart shaped ring was used and the meaningful heart charm Adopt" concludes this dog devotee key chain.



Additional Thoughts 

     Adopting a pet is an extremely exciting time in your life but it also carries many responsibilities, some of them not so pleasing. Beautiful cats and dogs that just want love and a ball toss or sit and gaze out a window live within small areas in the shelters hoping one day they catch the eye and heart of a visitor. Worse, they wander the streets searching for scraps of food and an area away from the direct elements. Most of these animals have been abused then abandoned.  

     Fortunately, we have shelters for some of these animals but they depend on community outreach in order to stay open.Hopefully these lost souls will be adopted by a single person looking for some company or maybe a family that needs the unconditional love of an animal. Remember that full grown cats and dogs are waiting for love as well. 

The organizations listed below are just a few that have the same goal at heart. I am not personally affiliated with them in any capacity with the exception of donations.




This foundation goes into the most horrendous situations and rescues animals that can't communicate their level of abuse. They assess, cage and take them immediately to a center that is waiting to care for these traumitized and sick animals. This foundation has a no kill policy which I find truly commendable. 


The North Shore Animal League.org   

This the largest no kill shelter in America. Beth Stern, the wife of Howand Stern is an official spokesperson for the league. "Beth helps focus national attention on the plight of shelter animals, appearing on many TV and cable shows to help spread the word about shelter adoptions."  In addition, she contributes her time to posting an up to date blog for the league.  Visit "All Beth" to read her current and past blogs. Howard is a generous advocate as well and both have hosted many charity events on behalf of the organization. 





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