How To Spring Clean Your Jewelry




I feel as if I just did this for the winter season. Now, when some of us can’t imagine another day of snow, our eye gets a glimpse of purple crocus’s peaking up above the melting snow. Spring though, is that time we might see the occasional snow squall or two but it’s usually melted by the next day. No need to make that reservation for Florida quite yet. It will still be there tomorrow and let me tell you it is hot in the summer down there and I mean you wonder why you even bothered with deodorant kind of hot, so hang on, spring is about to let loose. In the meantime, we need to do a little spring cleaning

We need to face our jewelry, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. If you’ve kept your jewelry clean, covered and had any broken items fixed throughout winter, then you will be out the door in a flash enjoying that warm and toasty weather. However, I know that most of us will do it tomorrow and now tomorrow is here. After you get started, I will leave you with a few cleaning checklists you can printout which makes everything oh so much easier. 




Ladies . . . this is going to start off very difficult for most of you but trust me you will feel so much better when you’ve completed this first part of spring 



1. First, start in one room, find all of your jewelry. Things placed back into the wrong box, your bangles kind of thrown in the jewelry box or your string of pearls are hung haphazardly. Get those items on your display hooks, tons of things in your kitchen junk drawer, little dishes sitting around, in the sofa, under the sofa, in your tin box that sits in the bathroom by the shower and down in the basement by the washer. I know there are many earrings from pockets. You get it.

GET EVERYTHING! Put all of it where it will be safe for a while, like your bed, if it's made and if the cat isn’t going to jump up and lay all over your necklaces. If so, then set up a card table if you must or clear off the top of a dresser. Find any other large unbothered area where you can easily work.  


2. OK, everyone. It has been about 2 days for you to accomplish that much. 

3. Now, get all of it out and spread everything around so that you can actually see it. I use my bed because its high up and the blanket helps to keep things in place. 

4. You are going to need about 3 bags or small boxes. Shoe boxes are alway good, unless you have a plethora of gems.

5. Open the shades, turn on all the lights, do everything you can so you get a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. Look closely. What is the first item you say “oh my gosh, when did I wear that?” or “why did I ever put that thing on?” Grab all of that immediately. Do not think. Put everything in the giveaway box. Don’t think about it.

6. Now peruse through it a little closer and take out anything that is beyond broken or maybe just needs a little repair to make it look new, or filthy and needs some massive jewelry cleaner. Those that are beyond broken go into the trash box, anything you want to keep, but it just needs a little love, put that on a towel that you have previously laid out and the items that you used to love go into the goodwill box. Remember, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

7. Take one good hard look, be brave and pick out anything else in the above category. DO NOT THINK "I KNOW I WILL WEAR IT THIS YEAR," because you won’t.  PITCH IT!                                                        


8. At this point you should have some things in each box. If not, start at step one again.

9. When you find sentimental pieces, like we all do, put them in a soft jewelry box or wrap in tissue paper making sure to add a little note as to who gave it to you, when and why. 

This is not the time to cry about the loss of Brad 10 years ago. Newsflash: he was a jerk. Make sure everything is neatly wrapped, clean it first and consider placing those black squares in with your silver and gold pieces. Put all that into a nice box in a place you will rarely see. Consider buying a cloth jewelry bag for these items. 


 Or you can purchase  tiny pieces of black paper help to keep the jewelry from oxidizing and everything stays cleaner for a longer period of time. You can purchase them on Amazon or any jewelry related website. 

Another idea is to purchase some clear bags that are specifically made for these items. Then you can actually SEE everything. If you have to hang it, punch a hole through the top of the clear bag.


The rest of your cleaning is mostly going to be a matter of time, diligence and being honest with yourself. If you happen to be done in 30 minutes, then honey you need to go back to step one or review your check list.  



It will be so worth it in the end. Really. I have whittled years and years and years of jewelry down to where I can see it or I know exactly where I can find it and I don’t have to go through a million other boxes to get to what I actually want to put on.