No Strings Attached...Really

In our last blog, Pretty Little Beads asked if you, the customer would consider completing a short survey. You'd complete the survey, fill in your name and address and we would send you an appreciation gift for your time and effort. Many of you did and we thank you. However, we need a lot and I mean a lot of surveys for the data to be valid and reliable. Basically, the more we have, the better our results.

So I'm sure some of you think . . .                   

It looks easy enough to do . . . I can answer three questions about the website . . . wait! There's always something more I will have to do. Nothing is Free!  Your mind suddenly races thinking of all the ways you'll fall for this scam.

There has to be a catch. Maybe . . .                                                                                           


1. I have to choose from a selection of magazines, receive three months free and just call to cancel the magazine. You do, but it continues to arrive at your door once a month.

2. Or one survey leads to another questionnaire, which then lets me know "I'm almost done" but just complete one more thing, another survey. 



3. Or, I complete the questionnaire and the free "appreciation packet" never arrives. 



I will admit, I've personally fallen for the free 3 month magazine catch. I was assured that if I didn't like it, I just had to call and they'd cancel it. When the three months were up, I called the number as directed and was assured the magazine was cancelled. I was even given a confirmation number.  

Fast forward to a year later. I am still receiving the magazine. After a few more attempts,I figured it was easier to just pick and choose my battles wisely, pay for the subscription and read the darn magazine each month.



I must have "she'll fall for it" stamped on my forehead because this year (I did it again),and somehow this time, I'm receiving two of the SAME magazine.



Just try to unsubscribe to a magazine. I looked everywhere. I even went so far as to get my magnifying glass out, that I use for jewelry, to try and find a darn number in the small print. Forget it!  Yes, in retrospect the computer would have been an easier alternative. My point to this story is that unfortunately in our world today we rarely receive anything for completing a relatively easy task.


However, at Pretty Little Beads you get quite a few items and free offers: 

•   Free gift wrap every day of the year

•   Free shipping is available every day of the year

•   Free coupons in our newsletters every few months during the year, and

•   Even Free Gifts when you make a purchase but without the fine print


When PrettyLittleBeads, LLC became a business, that was one thing I wanted to be, transparent. No hidden agendas, no fine print. 

•   So if you find ten minutes when you need something to do, log onto

•   Follow the prompts, complete the survey, fill in your name and address.

•   Your package WILL be on its way within 1-2 days. REALLY.

•   Follow the prompts, complete the survey, fill in your name and address.

    And as an added bonus, everything in the store is 10% off  the day you complete 

    the survey.  

•   No fine print just the code at checkout.  

Everyone at Pretty Little Beads appreciates your help. 

You WILL see that package promptly and I hope you enjoy it. 


Thank You.